Romenian Association

Super Tineri (ASIRYS)

Preserving and promoting the local cultural heritage of Targus Frumos.

Who are we?

Super Tineri (ASIRYS) Association is a youth and cultural association based in Târgu Frumos, Iași county, Moldova region of Romania. Our aim is to EDUCATE youth to develop their LEADERSHIP potential through VOLUNTEERING and ART programs.


We are developing youth and artists' leadership potential by engaging them in creative volunteer programs, one of it is shaping a vibrant voluntary-based cultural hub in Târgu Frumos, serving the villages and towns of Iași county.


We dream to create a future where young people thrive, find fulfillment, and enjoy a meaningful life in their rural or small communities.


Super Tineri ASIRYS embraces the values of inclusivity, diversity, and community engagement. It envisions volunteering actions where young people are actively involved in shaping their communities, working collaboratively with adults, organizations, and local leaders to create a sustainable and prosperous environment for all.


Over the last 15 years, we have coordinated 30 Erasmus Plus and European Solidarity Corps projects on diverse topics, including culture & arts, cultural heritage, sports, non-formal education, and social entrepreneurship. Our impact extends beyond the borders of Romania. We have facilitated the participation of youth and youth workers to over 360 projects all over the world, providing them with opportunities for growth and learning. 

In 2022, we received the certification as a lead organisation under European Solidarity Corps, that is allowing us to host 100 international artists. Together with them and 1000 Romanian volunteers, we are developing a cultural hub, where youth and artists find a sense of belonging, support and connection. The cultural hub consists in empowering 1100 volunteers to take ownership and contribute to the cultural development of Iași villages and towns; in developing 50 alternative cultural spaces, facilities, and venues in Târgu Frumos; and in fostering active engagement, participation, collaboration, and partnerships among local, national, and international stakeholders.